Behind the Scenes at the Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter Talk Westival 2019 Tertulia
Behind the Scenes at the Harry Potter Movies  
Tertulia – A Bookshop Like No Other
Mon Oct 28, 3pm-4pm
Tickets: Free

Neil Paul might be the convivial co-owner of Tertulia bookshop at The Quay, but in a former life he worked in lighting and special effects on several of the Harry Potter films. Head along to Tertulia and let him take take you on a journey behind the scenes at the Harry Potter sets. 

Discover how the magic is made, what the stars were really like, how they got the broomstick to fly and what Dumbledore’s sherbet lemon Muggle sweets really taste like. Vote for your favourite passage from the Harry Potter series books and get to read to an audience during Westival. 

It’ll be Potterhead heaven.