Don Stiffe & Anne Marie Kennedy - Spoken Word And Songs

Matt Molloy's Yard Bar | Mon Oct 28th, 5pm
Tickets €15

This hugely enjoyable stage show sees award-winning fiction writer, performance poet, playwright, teacher and journalist Anne Marie Kennedy join forces with renowned folk singer-songwriter Don Stiffe. Together, these gifted Galwegians weave storytelling, songs and poetry, using lived experiences as the binding thread.

Stiffe’s lyrical prowess, incredible voice and sensitive guitar playing are perfectly complemented by Kennedy’s rural, earthy and womanly style and her penchant for exploring human foibles with pathos and wit. Evocative, intelligent, emotional, thought-provoking and comic, this talented duo’s tales touch on universal themes of memory, love and loss, family, relationships and the intricacies of the human condition. You’ll relate, you’ll laugh and you’ll gain new insights in a most entertaining way.