Dracula Live & Festival Finale

Dracula Live Westival 2019

Dracula Live, Town Hall Theatre, Monday 28th Oct, 7pm

Tickets €15

Unreserved Seating. Duration 75mins.

Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience like no other! Released in 1931, and starring the legendary Bela Lugosi as the thirsty Count, Tod Browning’s version is a true horror classic. This special screening features a bone-tingling live score filled with haunting vocals and nerve-shredding guitar riffs. Enjoy this thrilling live show in Westport’s Town Hall Theatre, where comfort and audiovisual quality combine to provide a luxury experience for movie lovers.

The score was commissioned by the Bram Stoker Festival in 2016. Composed and performed by Seán Mac Erlaine (reeds/electronics/prepared piano) and Matthew Nolan (guitar/synth) in collaboration with Eivind Aarset (guitar) and Sharon Phelan (vocals).  The music for this presentation of Dracula is an attempt to “revoice” this cinematic curiosity. To that end, this new contemporary score will be sensitive to the original sound design and through careful placement, will become part of a larger, contextual composition. This creative approach explores the potential convergence of film sound and music, and for creating additional meaning beyond what we merely see on the screen. The intention of the composers is to amplify, through musical and sonic means, the atmosphere of melancholy and dread that pervades Browning’s adaptation of Stoker’s masterpiece.