McCormack’s Gallery, Bridge St Wed Oct 23 - Mon Oct 28

A collaborative multi-media exhibition of work in which four Westport- based artists explore the delicate web of emotions and dispositions that arise from being human in a complex world – reflecting the ‘Fragile / Brittle’ Westival theme.

Nicky Dowd and Siobhán Maguire’s audiovisual recording highlights how the cathartic process of creating a visual response to dance music in a safe environment can be empowering, creating freedom and hope.

Colleen Fitzpatrick’s work consists of paper maché masks. These masks speak not only to the underlying emotions that reveal who we are through our faces, but also the fragile façade with which we often receive the world. 

Laurice Van Den Oosten’s pen and pencil works (pictured) are based on photographs of real people and some of herself. Her work draws on her own past experiences of anxiety and depression in an effort to portray the feelings experienced during hardship and loss of hope.