Marty Moncrieff, the Teddy Bear Thief

Marty Moncrief Teddy Bear Thief Westival 2019

Marty Moncrieff, the Teddy Bear Thief | Scoil Phádraig | Sat Oct 26th

SHOWS: 1pm & 3pm

He’s not just any ordinary thief
He’s EXTRA-ordinary
He’ll steal anything he likes
And if we’re not careful, he’ll steal the show!

Unlike most other teddy bears, Marty Moncrieff is a notorious thief, famed the world over for his sticky paws. Gold bars, fast cars and tasty cookies have all been swiped by the cuddly but cunning bandit. He’s not running out of stuff to steal, but with a new detective hot on his fluffy heels, Marty is running out of places to hide. Will he change his ways?

Join us in a world where Toy Story meets Father Ted at Westival. Three charismatic (yet sometimes distracted) narrators will try their best to guide you through the fun-filled adventure with a blend of quick character changes, puppetry, live music and, of course, Marty himself.