Morbid & Sons

 Morbid and Sons Westival

The Town Hall Theatre (Outside)

Mon 28th Oct, 3pm & 5.30pm FREE

The Morbid family business has been passed down proudly through the generations – until now that is. Business is dead! No one is dying anymore. The obituaries have been blank for weeks.

A mix of yoga, new-fad diets and e-numbers are extending life expectancy, and the Morbid family has fallen on hard times. They have been forced to take to the streets to sell their wares. They plan to drum up some much-needed trade for their funeral business by singing humorous songs about hideous deaths, and displaying their expertise by way of a demonstration funeral. 

They might persuade you to try on a coffin or take a spin in their Victorian hearse. Be careful they don’t ‘kill you with kindness’ or ‘embalm you while you wait’. 

Morbid & Sons is an interactive, macabre experience about death and the afterlife for all the family brought to Westival by Waterford-based theatre and street spectacle company Curious State.