Pop Up Gaeltacht with Billow Wood & Rónán Ó'Snodaigh (KÍLA)


Matt Molloy's Yard Bar | Oct 27th 5pm
Tickets €12,00

After last years rip-roaring high jigging success, the Pop Up Gaeltacht is back with a bang! 

Relive the Gaeltacht days of our youth, when we’d be packed off to spend the summer brushing up on the ‘cúpla focal’... The Bean an Tí’s soda bread, ranganna in the morning (yawn), spórt in the afternoon, but the best thing of all, an céilí san oíche!

The fear an tí for the evening will be Rónán Ó'Snodaigh - renowned musician, vocalist, poet, bard, known to many as the masterful bodhrán player and lead vocalist of KÍLA, and loving holder of the poetry and power of the Irish Language. 

The amazing Billow Wood will be providing the soundtrack to keep you ag damhsa Ionsaí na hInse and Ballaí Luimnigh.

Find out which Bean an Tí you’ll be staying with, and most importantly ... be ready to have the CRAIC!