The Westival Gallery Castlebar Street (Opposite The Plaza Hotel)
Weds 23rd - Mon 28th Oct 10am-6pm
Launch Mon 23rd 7pm

The theme of Westival 2019, ‘Brittle / Fragile’, is beautifully reflected in its main visual-art exhibition Vitreous meaning of nature resembling glass. The exhibition features artworks created by five internationally acclaimed glass artists.

Emma Bourke glasswork Westival 2019 

Zoe Garner (UK) and Emma Bourke (Ireland) are both traditionally trained scientific lamp workers who create pieces inspired by their individual explorations of the worlds of science and nature. Bourke is interested in the contemporary uses of wild plants in medicine, while Garner is influenced by kinetic energy – she often makes pieces designed to move.


Dr Joanne Mitchell (UK) has extensively researched encasing air inside glass. Her techniques and the final pieces incorporate glass that has been shaped using water-jet cutting technology.


A trained psychologist, Linda Mulloy (Ireland & UK) uses stained glass and fused glass created in the kiln to interpret human interactions in elegant forms, both flat and 3D.


Sinéad Brennan (Ireland) employs a range of glass-making processes, such as blowing, hot sculpting, cold carving, cutting and engraving. She is interested in how women’s positions in Western society have been constructed through concepts of female empowerment, objectification and suppression.