Yarns for Youngsters

Yarns for Youngsters Westival 2019

Westport Rare Books, Sat Oct 26, 11am
Books at One, Louisburgh, Sun Oct 27, 12.45am
Tickets: Free

Last year, the deliciously gory tales of Struwwelpeter had children enthralled, and this year Eileen O’Mara Walsh returns to read from another of her favourites – classic folk-story collection, ‘Old Peter’s Russian Tales’, by Arthur Ransome, first published in 1916.

The tales include ‘Baba Yaga’, the story of a child-eating witch who lives in a house that walks on chicken’s legs, and ‘Prince Ivan and Witch Baby’, the tale of a young prince’s adventures as he runs from the clutches of his little witch sister, who has iron teeth and likes to eat people. Perfect Halloween fare!