Halloween Lantern Parade by Tom Meskell

Sat 27th Oct, 5.30 PM

Meet in Mill St Car Park 

Education through art is an essential element of the Westival programme. This year we have worked closely with Westport’s national schools to organise a community event which will be one of the highlights of this year’s festival. Renowned artist Tom Meskell has developed a style of lantern-making which he has workshopped in schools. Tom and his co-facilitators have worked with over 120 children to create their very own lantern which will guide them through the mean streets of Westport in our Halloween Parade. 

Be part of the spectacle on Saturday and come to see these young creators parade alongside fire troupe Inferno on a route through the streets of Westport to the Octogan, where the free family street spectacle ‘Firestorm’ will commence.

Meet in Mill St Car Park at 5.30 PM, Sat 27th Oct. 
Tom Meskell - Lights in the Darkness