Hope for Tomorrow by Chanelle Walshe

Town Hall Theatre Gallery, daily 12 pm – 6 pm.

Opening reception, Wednesday 24th at 4 pm Town Hall Theatre

Chanelle Walshe’s paintings reflect her interest in organs, flesh, soil, divine intelligence and the healing process. She looks at the human body and the Earth. She has worked from pelvic bones, ribcages, hearts and lungs. Her research takes place at universities and medical museums. Currently, her work in progress is focused on the human brain.

Walshe’s paintings give room for speculation as the forms correlate between presence and absence, aliveness and decay. She sees the inner workings of land and body as an interconnected universe, much of which remains intangible. Regular observation of preserved specimens, isolated, in jars or on trays has affected her compositions. Walshe re-activates their aliveness by embedding these forms in rich nourishing grounds (soil, flesh) or boxes. They are offered up like a gift or a sacrifice

Drawing upon a mix of influences such as abstract expressionism, bog-bodies and the aesthetics of museum display, her works harbour traditional categorizations of life and death and formal renderings of objects, yet they have a contemporary sensibility. Her paintings are both unsettling and compelling.