Art Attack Green Fuse Gallery Westival

Art Attack Paint Dance | Green Fuse Gallery, Bridge St | Fri 25th Oct, 6.30pm

Are you curious about what you would create if you could paint what you feel, see what you hear and leave your mark on a wall?

Artists Nicky Dowd and Siobhan McGuire will guide you through some visual games to heighten your senses and explore the shape, colour and texture of music and how it empowers you. This is your chance to flick, splatter and hurl paint in a studio space where the volume has been pumped up. Free dance and express your visual voice to create a fun cathARTic group piece. No art experience needed, just prepare to get messy and let go – wear old clothes!

The creation of this piece will be recorded for an exhibition installation showing at McCormack’s Gallery, Bridge Street, during Westival.

Adults only. Limited capacity, early booking advised. Please note that we will have your name on the door and no eTickets will be issued for this event.