'Atlantis II' Raw Art, Painting and Sculpture Exhibition by Felix Zaska - Westival
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Wednesday, October 20, 2021 @ 09:00 Sunday, November 14, 2021 @ 18:00

Felix Zaska : ‘Atlantis’ Raw Art, Painting and Sculpture Exhibition  

Cast onto the shores of Ireland from Bavaria at the age of 15, attended Boarding School and  graduated from TCD. Now living and working as an artist and art photographer in Westport on  Clew Bay, having moved from the Irish Sea to the Wild Atlantic. Professional background includes  over 2 decades of studio and location photography in Germany and Ireland. Also lectured  photography and studied Oceanography due to his interest in Clew Bay and the Atlantic – which is  reflected in the ‘Atlantis’ theme. 

Since my Millennium Art photography Exhibition “Countdown to Eternity” in Jan/Feb 2000 at  the Guinness Hopstore, Dublin, (http://felixzaska.com/hopstore/countdown to eternity ) the main  focus has been working on visual ‘Raw Art’ projects in Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture and Art  Photography. 

 ” As a commercial / advertising photographer my main focus was on creating more spectacular  looking images for clients….now I am focused on the message / communication inherent in a  specific work or series of art. Unconnected to social media platforms, my self-styled genre could be  described as ‘Apocalyptic Raw Art’ ….a reflection on our existence in the context of time, space  time, eternity and the relativity concept that …’ Time is an Illusion ’(Albert Einstein) “ 

Many of the exhibited sculptures are in ‘white’ representing light – reducing form to minimalist  structures, highlighted by shadows. This creative concept originally derives from black and white  photography and studying snow landscapes after new snowfalls in Bavaria. 

In this Westival exhibition there are 3 series of Artworks on display :  

I. ‘E = mc² : Odyssey to Eternity’ – “Time is an Illusion” ….Relativity and Spacetime 

II. ’Atlantis’ : Explores how the future may view us (and Westport) as part of another  lost‘Atlantis’ civilisation. 


Old Dunnes Stores Building, Castlebar Street
Westport, Co. Mayo F28 YV25 Ireland
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