Motion In Flight - Thomas Moran - Westival
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Saturday, October 23, 2021 Monday, October 25, 2021

Shows – Sat 5.30pm-9pm / Sun 6.30-9.30pm / Mon 5.30pm-9pm.

“Get a small taste of a new and exciting form of digital media art while chilling out and relaxing in a family friendly digital space. The art installation uses a combination of tech such as projection mapping, motion sensing, and 3d design in order to create an immersive space and experience. Chill out in the warm setting, interact with the art pieces, or even design your own butterfly to have it then fly around in front of your eyes.
The visual art pieces are generated and processed live in real time, with digital projections presented in an unfamiliar manner, incorporating natural features of the building.
Our reality in the future will most certainly be mixed with the digital, but our roots will always be based in nature and it’s laws. Surprisingly these visual art pieces often use mathematical laws and functions which are either mimicking, or directly taken from natural phenomenon’s – This new form of art ties the digital and natural world both through their functioning laws, and also through experience. 
Designed and presented by Tomás Moran, who is a local third level student, currently studying ‘Music, Media and Performance Technology’ in the University of Limerick.”

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