Pamela Gray Exhibition at Clew Bay Hotel - Westival
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Wednesday, October 6, 2021 Sunday, October 31, 2021

New Work by Pamela Gray at Clew Bay Hotel Westport October 2021

In honour of the state of connectedness and Animism appreciation.

 Line drawings of a continuous and automatic nature produce a range of creatures and hybrids alongside more abstracted colorful geometric compositions.

 Works are rendered in ink, acrylic, watercolour and gouache on paper, card or panel.

  The fluid, playful lines and shapes are expressing a visual representation of our connectedness to all things, animate and inanimate, seen and unseen.

‘In Japan — informed by Shinto beliefs around notions of animism — a soul (“reikon”) lives within all existence and phenomena. Everyday things — from objects to plants to mountains — can be defined as “kami” or deities.

This connection between the natural and spiritual worlds creates a complex understanding and respect for the everyday.

Artist Statement

 ‘I am Inventing a visual response to the world around me informed by sources both real and imagined. I embrace the surreal, the witty and the strangely bizarre. Through line drawing, textural mark making and layering of colour I develop personifications and anthropomorphic characters in atmospheric landscapes. Recurring animate and inanimate characters and objects come from nature, trees, plants, islands, mountains, human and animal forms hybrid beasts and fantastical beings.  

Inspiration comes from many sources including the circus, the theatre, pop culture, fairy tales, toys, children’s books and poetry.  

Exploring our connectedness to all things seen an unseen’.  Pamela Gray 2021

James Street
Westport, F28 WD66 Ireland
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098 39110


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