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Friday, October 22, 2021 @ 19:00

Westival presents an Evening of Poetry 

Join us for a special evening of poetry where we celebrate the work of poets from Westport and across Ireland.

Those winning poems from the Westival 2020 Poetry Competition will have their long-awaited public readings. There will be a few surprise guests who will add to a very special evening of poetry.

A highlight of the evening will be the unveiling of a Jimmy Lawlor painting of Richard White. Jimmy explains his rational for painting this portrait.

‘Anyone who lives in Westport would know Richard. Whether they’d recognise him by his signature walking stick or got the chance to hear his poetic recitals.

I decided to paint Richard for exactly that reason – he is such an important character in Westport, and such an interesting man to listen to. He’s an inspiration in his love for nature, and because of this I wanted to situate him in an environment that complimented that aspect of his character. His use of language and the way he sees the world, you
could listen to him speak all day by the way he turns a phrase and tells a story.

Richard is such an important character to Westport and he brightens up your day whenever you meet him. Westport is filled with these wonderful, unique characters and Richard just one of them – a community is made of up characters like these and I felt it important to honour that.

Thank you Richard, for being you!’

Richard White

Free Event Vaccine Passport Required for Entry.
James Street
Westport, F28 WD66 Ireland
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