When the Sun met the Moon - William Walsh - Westival
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Wednesday, October 20, 2021 Monday, October 25, 2021

Exhibition Launch 6pm Friday 22nd Oct


William is a self-taught Irish-born artist based in Galway city. Starting from a very early age, painting has followed William throughout his life. Living in London for much of his early twenty’s before  stints living in Australia and Portugal, William’s style of painting has evolved with him. Taking inspiration from each place he has lived, he has now developed his own signature style.  Dabbling in many forms of art through the years including millinery, fashion, textiles, street art and tattooing, William’s work has taken inspiration from these varied art forms. Currently, William is using his work to tell the ongoing story of life, working on large and small scale pieces to create dream-like spaces. He also works on a commission basis, creating bespoke large-scale murals and tailored pieces. 

You can follow WIlliam’s work on Instagram @w_walsh_art.

Artist Statement:

My work makes a statement on the relationship between the darkness and light in life. I became interested in this subject after a time in my life where I was experiencing extreme highs and lows. I have developed characters to represent and realise these moments in a story-like way.

Over time, the characters have evolved and changed and are now what you see before you. The sun and the moon are a constant focus in all of my work. Each represent the dark and the light, different entities but ever-connected. You will also find a deer character, which is a symbol of regrowth in Celtic culture. Another central feature is the human, representing vulnerability. 

I use pattern, symbols and texture to bring lots of energy and movement to these works. I want to distort the viewers’ vision, leading their eyes around the canvas inviting them to explore a new brighter, more vibrant world. My aim is for the spectator to find something new in my work each time they view it. 

Trusting the process is a massive part of my art form. I let the paint speak for itself and try to be as free as possible while  creating. My belief is simple – you cannot create anything great without being willing to dismantle it and turn it into something new. 

Using fluorescents, reflective paint and lighting in this installation, my work and the world I create evolves as the day turns to dusk and dusk to night.

For this reason, I invite you to view the pieces both in darkness and in light and see how they interact endlessly, remaining beautiful and alive throughout.

Old Dunnes Stores Building, Castlebar Street
Westport, Co. Mayo F28 YV25 Ireland
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