Performing Arts Open Call




Westival invites companies and artists wishing to be considered for presentation in this year's festival to submit their performance proposal. Westival takes place from the 23rd - 28th of October, 2019 with the main performance events taking place across the October Bank Holiday weekend.

Each year Westival presents a programme of music, literary, street spectacle, theatre and family events that engage and enthral a broad audience. We are looking for artists or event ideas that will stand out in our programme and leave our audiences with a memorable experience of Westport and Westival.

The closing date for applications for Westival was June 29th, 2019 at 6pm.

Please make sure to fully read our FAQ below before you submit your proposal. Please note that this application is for performing arts only. Our Visual Arts Applications will be open in May 2019. Sign up to our mailing list to stay informed.

WESTIVAL 2019 | Performing Arts Open Call | FAQ
Application closing date midnight June 29th at 6 pm.
Festival Dates 23th - 28th, October 2019.


Some successful applicants from our 2018 Open Call...

Be bold and ambitions with your ideas. We are looking for something a little different, innovative, and not often seen in the west of Ireland. 

Feedback + Selection

Please be aware that, due to the volume of submissions received, we cannot respond or offer assessment and feedback to every submission individually. We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal once submitted. All submissions will be reviewed and if you are successful we will be in touch.

Please note that Westival is not a funding body, it is a non-for-profit organisation which raises income from ticket sales, public sector grants and fundraising. We hope to include as many artistic proposals as possible with the funding obtained. 

What We Are Interested In

  • We love to hear ideas that cover all art forms, pop-ups or happenings. Proposals can include; music, theatre, performance art, food, literature, spoken word, comedy, debates, talks, discussions, dance, street spectacle, site-specific happenings, dance, design, architecture, circus, cabaret, storytelling – this list is not exhaustive so don’t feel like you have to fit into any particular category. If you’re excited about joining Westival 2019 and your idea wows us, that’s a great start!
  • This year we are especially interested in growing our audience, with a particular focus on a national audience, communities and families, culturally curious folk and overseas visitors.
  • We love to hear from art collectives from all disciplines.
  • Diversity excites us and we want to hear from all nationalities, languages, ages, sexual orientation, cultural backgrounds, and religions. 

What We Consider in Your Assessment

  • Originality is important, and the quality of your proposal counts. We want your event to artistically enhance the festival and enrich our audience’s experience.
  • Feasibility of your proposal. We need to see that your project can be produced on time and on budget, and we will prioritise proposals which demonstrate experience in producing and realising events or the activities you propose to deliver. Your proposal should also include an indication of the fees and costs involved (see below).
  • The target age-group or audience type for your event. 
  • Your ability to assist in the marketing & PR of your event to support the main festivals marketing team. This is particularly important with events depending on box-office ticket sales.
  • Venue sourcing and suitability. Ideally, your proposal should either already have a specific venue or have a type of venue in mind to suit your performance. We are also here to help match you to a venue if needed. Our established venues are intimate with a seating capacity of 300 or standing capacity of 350.
  • How the proposal fits into our overall Westival Programme. We already have some events confirmed so if your proposal duplicates other elements of our programme it may not be considered.

Budget / Funding Award

  • The total funding award will be at the discretion of the artistic director and programming team.
  • Please include an indicative budget for your proposed activity including all artist fees and additional costs.
  • We will consider a box office split where appropriate. Our venues are intimate with a seating capacity of 300 or standing capacity of 350. Bear this in mind when proposing your budget.
  • Any budget overspend is the responsibility of the applicant.

Eligibility Criteria

  • If you are employing a team of people to deliver your event, please note that employer’s liability is the applicant’s responsibility - proof of insurance will be required as part of your supporting documentation should you be selected.  
  • If your activity involves your direct contact with children or vulnerable adults, you will need to show that you have been Garda vetted for the purpose.

Offered to Successful Proposals

  • Your event or activity will be marketed and published as part of the overall Westival 2019 programme which will be released on Sept 14th 2019. If you are successful we will invite you to the launch party to network and promote your event. 
  • The inclusion of your event/activity in the official printed programme and website.
  • We endeavour to secure media profile for the festival and its artists. Depending on the scale of the event you have proposed, we may require that you be available for interview.
  • Box office facilities. Ticketed events will be sold through the Westival box office online, in person or by phone.

How to Apply

  • The deadline for submissions is June 29th, 2019.
  • We cannot accept postal, by phone or face to face applications.
  • If you have any access needs relating to the application please contact us here.