Song Circle

Westival’s Song Circle champions original music and aims to support and nurture emerging talent. The song circle is a meeting of singer-songwriters, musicians, and artists that come together to workshop new material and receive feedback. During these sessions, songwriters receive not only critique and support, but also friendships that are bonded in music creation. This allows for a community of songwriters to come together in a welcoming and informal setting for the purpose of creating.

In a typical song circle session, each person performs a song they are currently working on. After the song, each other artists discusses what came over them during the performance. Due to song circles being a diverse set of songwriters & musicians such as guitarists, drummers, pianists, vocalists, etc.  the feedback will be diverse as well. This allows the songwriter to get a different perspective of the song, which is often the missing ingredient; it could be a vocal harmony, a faster tempo, added percussion, another instrument, etc. In essence, music takes new forms within a song circle that didn’t exist before.

After the sessions, there will be an open-mic for only original work where the public gets to listen to the new material created. What’s truly special about song circles and open-mics is that the music is unique to that location only; most of the music will never be heard again, which makes each open-mic a unique experience.

Lastly, song circles are inspirational due to the community they perform. Having the support of other musicians creates a beautiful network of artistry. Songwriters are bountiful but are often left to their own devices, and can get caught up in the milieu of work life. A continual song circle and original-only open-mic gives a songwriter something to consistently look forward to, and thus continually create.