Arracht - Film
Arracht - Film

Arracht - Film

Due to public health covid-19 guidelines, this event will be rescheduled.

Tom Sullivan's Irish Language feature film, Arracht, has won the prestigious Audience Award at its UK premiere at Glasgow Film Festival 2020, where Into Films declared it "a searingly austere film which deserves the widest possible audience" as well as Best Irish Film at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival 2020.

It is mid nineteenth century Ireland and news of the potato blight is in the air. The land is soon in the tight grip of the famine. The communities Coleman knows so well are annihilated. His wife and son are not spared. Broken and desolate, Coleman lives a solitary life on a rocky island evading the law and fighting starvation.

One day he encounters a ten year old girl, Kitty. Kitty needs Coleman to feed and shelter her. Coleman needs Kitty to help him find his humanity and find a reason to live.

" this well acted and beautifully scored film is born of the land itself," Little White Lies 

                 “Unmissable, a beautifully crafted murder balled.” The Irish Times.

”Grief and loss in the great hunger, as never seen before.” Sunday Independent.


                                              Runtime 86 minutes  Cert.12A



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