Poetry Fortunes - Jenni Nikinmaa

Poetry Fortunes - Jenni Nikinmaa

Due to public health covid-19 guidelines, this event will be rescheduled.

Come and have your Poetry Fortune read, beautiful words of inner truth for times of great change and possibility! 

Create a space within yourself and resist the pull of the rushed and disconnected modern world.

Poetry Fortunes, written and performed by poet/ playwright Jenni Nikinmaa, was first produced as part of Poetry Day Ireland 2020, under the theme of "There will be time".  

A beautiful and evocative performance based on tarot reading made through a special deck of cards containing poetry. The audiences are invited to engage with their inner experience of time and space via poems created out of past, future, and present – each poem received is a unique combination of words, imagination and interaction in a passing moment.

Audience reaction : “I really enjoyed the performance, beautiful and sensitive”

“I loved that the experience was different to any other I have had, very unique and a special way to spend my time.”

“I find tarot readings difficult to understand sometimes, so the poems were a good gateway to understanding"

"a beautiful artistic expression, and an experience based on my own reading so it was special.”