The Process of Design
The Process of Design
The Process of Design

The Process of Design

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Saturday October 24th

This is a 90 minute workshop about shape, composition, pattern and design.

I will take you through 6 short fun exercises which will alert your senses and enable you to observe things differently. I promise you will never look at textiles or wallpaper patterns the same way again. No artistic experience necessary.


Expect to learn, be challenged, enlightened, surprised, always in a cathartic therapeutic way. 

Naturally there will be a generous dollop of shenanigans.  


You will need:

A Subject (object) to study, something you are attracted to eg: an ornament, toy, half a pepper ,shoe-  avoid glass objects.

3 A4 pieces of white paper/ card (Computer paper is fine) 

A cardboard box - empty cereal packet /shoe box or more white paper.

Pencil, rubber, Black marker pen.

Choice of 4-6 colours of either Paints with small brush and water or crayons 

Greaseproof/parchment or carbon paper for tracing.

Nibbles and drinks of your choice.




The workshops are really incredible. The process and the way Nicky guides you through each step is really enjoyable and by the end you feel all inspired and creative.

Johanna Whitehead WDW.


Rosie - I loved it! Sarah and I chatting about it this morning and thought it was great. Sarah has been doing lots of art today and is really inspired. We both thought sense of achievement was lovely. 


Molly - I honestly LOVED it! She is so great and makes you feel like you are so good. Thought it was fab. Can’t wait for the next one! We should do a team WDW in office hours (if we can and she can).


David - Big thanks to Nicky. What a lovely way to spend the evening - totally absorbing and beautiful and relaxing”


 Maggie -nothing else existed except the comradery of the lovely group and the concentration on what you were doing. It was a bit like the way I cook not sure where the journey was taking me but the result was different . Not one thought of anything else for over 2 hours -Brilliant!!

Jo and Dobby

  • The length was actually great. I didn’t even realise 2 hours had gone by. I think 2 hours may have seemed daunting at first (due to the fact I am not a natural artists and the thought of feeling a bit left behind is a bit scary) but Nicky was amazing and by the end you feel very inspired 
  • I think her way of working is really easy to follow and the “just give it a go”attitude is really nice and uplifting
  • Pace - at times I felt a bit rushed - but actually being disciplined to 10 mins to do an item it really good. It means you never overthink it and just get on with it