Image by Amayo Photography featuring Westport artists Hannah King & Uppbeat.

There Will Be A Westival! 

There was a dark start to 2020 and this year did not go to plan for most of us. In the past few months we have watched our hard work unravel, plans put on pause, and the lights go out in our cultural institutions across the nation. Westival this year, seemed all but an impossible dream. As our touring artists and acts cancelled their plans to come West, some questioned if a celebration of the arts was even possible in Westport this year. 

Well, we were never in any doubt, and in close consultation with our artists, funders, sponsors, venue partners and you the audience one message burnt bright, the show must go on, albeit in a reduced capacity. 

We are delighted to announce Westival 2020 - ‘Home Fires Burning Edition’. For this years programme, we will be following the light of our local artists and friends to keep the Westival 2020 well and truly lit. We will illuminate each other with the shared experience of art and music and elucidate each others’ existence with warmth of spirit.

See You In October

Mark your calendar, invite your friends and family to Westport from Oct 21st - 26th as we present the programme for Westival 2020.

Over the next few months, we will be working with local artists & venues to present with care and creativity the arts here, while adhering to strict government guidelines. The safety of our audience and artists will be the key focus across the programme.

We will celebrate the arts, we will evolve, we will be together again, and we will keep the home fires of Westival 2020 burning bright until we can return with a full programme of events next year. 

Performing artists can now apply to take part through our Open Call here. Stay tuned to our socials for announcements on our International Poetry Competition in the coming weeks. 

Finally if possible, please consider making a donation or becoming a Westival Patron over on our Support page.

With warmth & excitement.

The Westival Team.